Poor Habits Killing You Slowly

Habits suppressing success

Ever wondered what poor habits that could be limiting you from success?

Once upon a time, you had an appetizing plan, a polished idea waiting for the right time to execute.

You had even pictured yourself creating bigger things, becoming who you really wanted, living a life full of hope and peace.

You felt gigantic being in your ideas and projects. Doing the magic. You knew things are gonna work and you felt damn proud of yourself.

But everything just didn’t work out, life froze.

You lost your hope, your balance, and your soul too.

Yes, you’re told to be optimistic with yourself, be you, and never listen to what others have to say, or else you’ll get lost.

Yet, no one talks about the unsanitary behaviors that could block your success.

And now…

You begin to think that your life has become a complete waste of time, you’re now surviving on some lightweight hard-earned money and you’re also scared to quit your job. Not because you’re afraid of your angry or caring boss, or probably fell in love with your job.

It’s because you have a sticky responsibility and a family that survives in your small financial input.

And for that matter, you are stuck in that fear.

Secretly you feel ashamed of yourself.

There were times in my life where I had to go through all these, and whatever that happened I’ll take that as my damn fault because I had been equipped with the wrong habits that authorized my brain never to think beyond my capacity.

Fortunately, though, I took a minute to think deeply, I tried to read some books on self-development and from other people’s experiences. I noticed that these habits are actually within us.

It’s hard for us to grow because we never pay attention or care about them. But if you identify them and walk away earlier, then you’re taking the lead for success.

It’s a big difference if you know what I’m talking about, it’s pain in the ass if you can write a good plan and never had a chance to breathe life into it.

Why do these poor habits suppress my success?

The main reason why these habits may never authorize you to win is that they are small but dangerous, they have a similar function as that of a virus.

What do you know about viruses?

Here’s what I know;

A virus can’t be seen with naked away, therefore you may require to use a microscope to have a perfect view of it. And to cure it you need an antivirus.

Is it much different from a poor habit?

You may never realize or notice them, but they kill you unknowingly. So to see them you’ve to study yourself and try to point them then create a solution or how to get rid of them.

So What Are These Bad Habits?

If you ever felt like you’re not growing and stuck in one place and you are asking yourself what’s going on with me? Here’s is a list of habits you can have look at and maybe would want to change.

1. Fear To Be Erroneous

You’re a guy who never liked the idea of making errors or failing or making a mistake, otherwise, you always want to win, no mistake, no errors.

You generally never embrace a life of failure. Most people are like these( including me when I was starting) you never want to lose, you feel scared starting a business because you know it will fail.

And worse thing about letting fear into your life is that you would never have a chance to make a decision. You’ll be indecisive for as long as you’re fearful.

Fear cripples if you let it, fear holds you back from making elegant decisions.

And fear is a good weapon too, so use it.

2. You’re Hesitant To Take An Action

Suppose you had a goal you wanted to accomplish, you’re writing it down perfectly you even went ahead and broke everything down into simpler daily tasks so that you don’t get overwhelmed achieving your goal.

But guess what? Hours pass, days flip and you’ve never completed even your first homework, you know you’ve to start from the basics, you found yourself that inspiration from a person more successful than you and you decided to put it to work.

But nothing is working, you even begin to think that a strategy you were given does not work. It’s like those formulas mathematics teacher gives us but never gets you the right answer.

It’s not about formulas or strategy I’m talking about, it’s about habits preventing you from seeing how fruitful those formulas and strategies are.

One of the factors that make you hesitant to make an action is a thought you employ into your brain, such as “I’ll do it tomorrow” or ” I’m waiting to start on…”

The two thoughts are common and they tend to empower inaction and breeding a habit of procrastination.

3. ‘i Know That’

Someone just talking about a topic you know, instead of paying attention, you begin to tell yourself that I know that, is this what I have to listen to for the next one hour.

Are you gonna listen? No, because your brain had already felt conscious and anything that will say won’t make a difference.

The problem with habit is that you won’t pay attention to great sources of information that will spark your success in no time. You might be tempted to feel optimistic and all-knowing just because you had been in contact with a great piece of information.

Another bad habit that stimulates inaction and breeds procrastination is pretending to be all-knowing.

4. You Escape Blame

Sounds familiar?

Show off your hand if are one.

Blaming someone might just be easy as ( it was all your fault, or if you made this happen) either way works.

But my question is; Do you think blames serves you right?

Let me make some assumptions here, they don’t. Though most people blame others clear themselves from a particular mess. They want to be powerful enough to make absurd mistakes.

One negative from this act is that you want to have to reflect on yourself and unravel your weakness but harness them to the next level.

And worse you never watch out your back. You keep developing a habit of blame and forget your weakness therefore you become lazy at being productive. Why?

Because it’s always not your fault.

How To Get Over Them

1. Accept failure

We’re all human and we’re meant to make mistakes, plenty of them. But if the mistakes act a big listen for personal growth. I’m not encouraging you to make mistakes but advising you to make them.

The most important point here is to focus on learning, never walk out of a problem without something to refer to, it’s more about more learning than getting emotional distress.

2. Be an Excecuter

Not a seasonal farmer who awaits for winter to start plowing his farm. It would take months to wait.

Believe in the power of learning and executing because it’s the best way so far. It’s a good way to build confidence and success for yourself.

3. Create an appetite for zest

Become passionate to achieve more out of life because if that’s what it gonna take to be successful. So be it.

When you want more you beat out procrastination, so the simplest way to stop procrastination is visualizing the reward you’re going to get on completion of any goal.

Learn how to stop procrastination from Leon’s blog Lifehack and achieve more.

4. Hold Yourself Responsible

The importance of holding yourself boils down to digging out the childish behaviors making everyone believe you’re out of touch with your life.

It also opens a room for self-growth and habit reshape, if you accept yourself as the problem you’re forced to look for ways to change. And that’s the most important thing about self-reliance.

Have you spotted any of the above habits in your life? If yes, you must overcome them because they might hold your success forever and you may never succeed.

Start your life over.

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