Imagine how different your life could be just a few short months from now…

Imagine you built the morning routine of a winner.

The daily habits and rituals of champions. And you could look them in and stick to them for life.

How would that affect your self-confidence? How differently you would carry yourself and thus command attention and respect from anyone around you?

Imagine having boundless energy, robust health, and unmatched virility.

How could that affect your life, your business, and your relationship?

The answer is it would change every damn thing. People would be lining up to ask how you do it.

And this is what we’re curious to educate here at lifeblogger.

We educate personal development skills and lifestyle skills to boost your personality.

We’ll help you get in sick shape, skyrocket your confidence and become absolutely unstoppable.


My name is Tristram Ouma and I run Lifeblogger.

Growing up, I was the weakest, softest, and scrawniest kid around. I sucked at everything, no one appreciated anything I could do.

I was bullied, had zero ambition, zero confidence, and was painfully shy introverted.

I’ve struggled with anxiety, constant depression and countless self destructive behaviour throughout my life.

If I wanted to change it was all on me, 100% my responsibility to take massive action.

At the back of my mind, I knew my parents and the government or circumstances weren’t responsible, and no one was coming to save me or kick my butt out of that chair. It was my own making.

And I promise myself to learn effective methods of gaining confidence, creating habits, and building relationships and making money.

Which I’ve invested much of my time learning and experimenting. And like teach you how to make it happen too.